About Us

Here at Finance Makers we turn searchable into findable. We are an Information Technology company that specializes in Search EngineOptimization for the most competitive industries, predominantly Financial and iGaming industries. With a talented team of in-house content creators, web developers, analysts, designers, and project managers we are capable of creating web pages that are both informative and converting, and with the help of our large database of partner websites and proprietary SEO methodology we are able to position such pages at the top of Google search results.

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Tbilisi Gardens
M. Asatiani 10
Tbilisi, Georgia

Meet the team

Do you think you have what it takes? You can browse through available vacancies or email us at HR@Financemakers.com

Vadym Goncharenko


Konstantin Rabin


Lizzy Kveladze

Head of Content

Giorgi Keburia

Head of Offpage

George M.

Account Manager


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Our values

Competition excites us

We are not just another SEO company. We specialize in the “difficult niches”, web pages that are hard, expensive and rewarding to rank. And the sense of competing with the best specialists out there certainly excites us.

We live by the sword

We are not a group of salaried ex-CMO and CTOs.We have been ranking and monetizing our own websites, living off CPAs and Rev. shares years before starting to offer our knowledge and experience as a service.

Ultimate client happiness

We set the expectations right from the very beginning, and we always try to exceed them. In case we believe that your goals are not achievable with us or at all, we would rather pass on you than make you unhappy.

Zero tolerance for jerks

We love our lives, we love the work we do, and we would love to keep it this way. Hence, we have an absolute zero tolerance policy towards jerks and assholes — whether they are potential candidates or clients.