How to “hack” plagiarism checker and why you shouldn’t

June 23, 2022
By Lizzy Kveladze

Uniqueness is something that SEO companies like Finance Makers value a lot. If you want to have a good performance and stay competitive in the market, then it is crucial to produce high-quality content that the readers are going to enjoy. This is only possible by setting clear objectives. For instance, we require our employees […]

Crypto PR services and content marketing for crypto tokens

May 30, 2022
By Konstantin Rabin

There are over 20,000 crypto tokens registered on various platforms, and an average of 50 new projects are launched every day. Now that’s plenty of projects for investors to choose from. How would you choose a crypto token for investment? In most cases, tokens are backed by some value that benefits their users in one […]

Biggest f*ck ups of the content writers and how to avoid them

May 5, 2022
By Lizzy Kveladze

Content writing is one of the most powerful tools that can help pages rank better on Google. However, creating high-quality content takes much more than just typing on a keyboard. You need to hire content writers that are highly responsible, and who understand the effects that their work might have on the SEO company’s performance. […]

How did we become the best looking people in Georgia without working out and dieting?

February 15, 2022
By Konstantin Rabin

The summertime is almost around the corner, so if you want to look good in your swimsuit, there is no better time than now to start losing weight and giving your body a better shape. Controlling your calorie intake and doing occasional cardio does sound like a simple task. Yet we don’t enjoy doing simple […]

Forex SEO Services and How To Use Them Correctly

November 24, 2021
By Konstantin Rabin

Forex SEO marketing is usually the last thing on the mind of marketers due to how complex and difficult it seems. However, Forex SEO should be the very first marketing campaign that a Forex broker launches, not because of immediate traffic gains, but due to long-term value and authority. If you’re a marketing manager at […]