Konstantin Rabin

How did we become the best looking people in Georgia without working out and dieting?

February 15, 2022
By Konstantin Rabin
How did we become the best looking people in Georgia without working out and dieting?

The summertime is almost around the corner, so if you want to look good in your swimsuit, there is no better time than now to start losing weight and giving your body a better shape. Controlling your calorie intake and doing occasional cardio does sound like a simple task. Yet we don’t enjoy doing simple tasks. We like hard stuff. And what do we like more than difficult tasks? Kebabs, wine, and being lazy (and comfy!) on the couch (btw, you can check out our daily life on our Instagram page). Hence we decided to become the best-looking people in Georgia (namely in Tbilisi and Batumi) by doing the thing that nobody can do better than us (at least in Georgia) – Search Engine Optimisation.

So what did we do exactly?

We decided to absolutely rock Google Search (regular search and image search) for the following two queries:

  • Sexiest man in Tbilisi
  • Prettiest girl in Tbilisi

And as you are reading this article now, be sure that we’ve succeeded. But no need to take our word for that. Simply open Google Сhrome browser (or any other browser if you are a peasant) in incognito mode, and no, no need to visit your favorite site with humping videos. We need an incognito mode for something else. Simply, when searching in incognito, the browser does not consider your previous search history, hence the search results that you see in incognito mode are more likely to reflect what the majority of the google users see.

So yeah, search for “Sexiest man in Tbilisi” and these are the results you are likely to see:

And once you hit the “Images” tab of Google, this is what you are likely to see. The top result is a sexy lad named Konstantin, and he’s the one heading FM LLC.

Note that it seems like Google changes the results for this query very often, so you may see another picture of Konstantin in images or don’t see it all.

And now let’s do the same thing but for the second query. Simply search for “prettiest girl in Batumi” and you will see the following results:

The first image that you see and the first search result (the one from Pinterest) shows FM LLC’s HR Manager – Tekla. There is a little lie about this search query however, while Tekla is indeed the prettiest, she’s actually from Tbilisi, not Batumi. And once you hit the Images tab, you will see Tekla topping the image search as well:

And how did we do it?

What you see above is probably one of the easiest examples of Search Engine Optimisation. We didn’t invent any of what you see above, we simply copied the guide that was released years ago by Tom Church, when he was convincing his girlfriend that he actually is the sexiest man in Britain. So here is the list of steps that we’ve taken:

Step 1: Upload your images

Get your best-looking photos and upload them to any of the websites that are designed for image hosting, e.g. Flickr, Pinterest, pixabay, etc. Before uploading the photos, make sure to rename the file name to the exact match of your search query and use “-” instead of spaces. For example – “sexiest-man-in-Kutaisi.jpeg”. When uploading the images, most often the website will ask you for the title and description, so be sure to indicate your desired search query into both of these elements.

Step 2: Get your images indexed

Until Google has the pages with your pics indexed, they essentially don’t exist for Google and won’t be displayed for anyone. So you gotta index them and this is where the main issue begins. Previously, Google would index sites like Pinterest nearly instantly, but now it takes more and more time. The good news is that you can have a certain influence over it. Simply share the links to the website that contains your image on your social media accounts or just use one of the free online indexing tools (although most of them don’t work).

How to verify that the website with your image is indexed? A simple search for “site:%url%” and see if Google search returns any values, like at the example below:

Step 3: Wait

Be patient here 🙂 It does take some time for Google to index the pages, and once this happens, it may take a few weeks to actually show your picture on the first spot. However, if the search query is very competitive, it may not happen that easily. It is always a good idea to build some backlinks that point to the page with your image. But explaining this process goes a bit beyond the scope of this article 🙂

And the last question, why did we do it?

Well, actually for a few reasons.

It is a fun process, and most of the daily tasks we do are not that fun, so it is always nice to spice the working day up with some random stuff.

Having Google returning your images is actually a great way to show off. Imagine hitting on a girl, then her rejecting you, and then telling her that she just turned down the sexiest man in the city and proving it with the screenshot. This sounds fun, isn’t it?

And finally, to simply spread the word out about SEO in Georgia. We do feel that the local internet development level is quite low. Most businesses still treat their Facebook pages as official websites, and consequently, the vast majority of people that look into entering a digital space become just another social media manager. There are many other roles that can be learned and SEO is certainly one of the most promising fields.

The good news is that FM LLC is hiring and we are open to onboarding people with learning capabilities and without previous SEO experience. So if you feel like this little piece of SEO knowledge motivated you to try it out on a bigger scale – feel free to apply at FM LLC.

And we will stop here 🙂 As we previously noted, the summer is around the corner and we all want to look hot in the bikini…and while having our faces on top of the Google search certainly makes us giggle, it won’t make our bodies look any hotter. So it is time to hit the gym, luckily it is just one floor away from the office.