Lizzy Kveladze

How to “hack” plagiarism checker and why you shouldn’t

June 23, 2022
By Lizzy Kveladze
How to “hack” plagiarism checker and why you shouldn’t

Uniqueness is something that SEO companies like Finance Makers value a lot. If you want to have a good performance and stay competitive in the market, then it is crucial to produce high-quality content that the readers are going to enjoy.

This is only possible by setting clear objectives. For instance, we require our employees to deliver articles that won’t have any plagiarism. We use a special tool for that which analyzes the whole text and discovers if something is copied from another website. However, did you know that it is possible to “hack” such tools and make your content look unique while in reality it is actually copied?

Well, it’s definitely possible but not quite effective. It’s something that should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, such content can easily be noticed if you are doing quality checks on a regular basis.

What we expect

When we hire someone, we expect that they are hard workers, dedicating their time to improve not only our company’s performance but theirs as well. It’s like a two-way street – everyone gets something beneficial in return. For us, it’s high-quality content and more room for growth, for our employees, it’s a good writing experience and obtaining nice analytical and creative skills.

That implies that the writers we have do research on their own and then write the content BY THEMSELVES.

How “hacking” works


“Hacking” plagiarism checkers is pretty easy, nothing too complicated at all. It can either be done by a person manually or by different AI tools that are available on the internet for free. However, the main principle for both of these is pretty much the same.

In order to make content done by someone else look unique, you just have to copy/paste the text and change specific words with synonyms. Or – you can copy/paste it into an article spinner and it will do the same automatically. That way, the plagiarism checker tool is unable to detect plagiarism. But what do we get as a result? Poorly written content that does not have any actual value.

To illustrate it a bit better, I just pasted two last sentences into the spinner, and this is what I’ve got:

In any case, what do we obtain accordingly? Inadequately composed content that has no genuine worth.

It is obvious that the spinned content does not read well.

How the economy of writing works

In order to know why “hacking” a plagiarism checker is not going to be beneficial for anyone, let’s describe how the economy of writing works.

Let’s imagine that a person writes good Forex SEO content – as a result, the site goes up in rankings or the visitors simply stay on pages for longer, and the traffic’s quality increases. Hence, the company makes more money. If this company buys from us, they will buy more. If this is our digital property, we will make more.

If the content sucks, people stop buying it or the site goes down in rankings/quality of visitors. As a result, the company makes less money.

Consequently, it should be obvious to everyone that copied content is a very short-sighted strategy. Eventually, it will result in financial losses and the potential dismissal of a person. However, the same mechanics work in reverse too. If the company benefits from the content, it is likely to make more, and so share more with the writer that composes the content.

The results of poorly written content

Poorly written content won’t be enjoyed by the majority of readers. They will most likely stop reading at the beginning and leave the website without taking any sort of action. This definitely is not something we are looking for.

Decreased search engine rankings

Imagine that you have a CTA included in such an article and want visitors to click on it. Or you have some links to other websites. If the information in the article offers nothing unique to readers, they will most likely not click on it and your search engine ranking decreases.

Even re-designed content requires some work from writers. Maybe it’s less than what actual writing requires, but still. Why waste time on something that won’t have any positive impact on your or the company’s performance? There’s no point in doing so.

Lost authenticity

Tweaking and simply changing some words does not equal writing something meaningful.

Imagine that you are writing a crypto PR article. You open Google, choose some relevant articles, copy and paste some things into an article spinner, and compose 1000 words of content. What you are doing is that you are combining some of the most cliche ideas together – not creating anything new or interesting for readers.

The main reason we hire someone is that we want to have an interesting, humorous piece of article that will keep readers engaged.

Articles that are done by spinners lack authenticity/personality, therefore it is impossible to connect with a reader on a personal level. All in all, you are writing for humans that have the same emotions and interests as you, not for robots.

Personal growth vs. Stagnation

It is a good idea to look at the writing process as something that can be used for your personal growth.

When someone starts writing properly, they will simply become more knowledgeable and will be capable of expressing themselves better. Therefore, a more valuable asset for us. When instead of improving your work, you tend to focus on the easiest way to make it through, you are likely to remain in the same place all your life with such an attitude.

Quality > Quantity

The main reason people use spinners is that either they are too lazy to do something by themselves, or don’t have enough time to reach their daily/monthly goals. But it is definitely better to write fewer words and have some high-quality content than to meet your KPI and produce something that will be completely useless.

The solution to being demotivated

There can be other reasons as well, including that the writing is not for you at all, or you are burnt out. Thankfully, these are things that can be resolved. What we want to say is that there is nothing wrong with not meeting the KPI once, there is nothing bad in quitting a writing job and finding something else that suits your interests better.

There is also nothing wrong with discussing things with your manager and saying that you are burning out and need a certain job rotation for some time. This is something that we always encourage our writers with, so we can avoid things that can have a very bad impact on everyone in the future.